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FightJudgeAssistant is a web-based judging tool which helps you keep track of who is doing well in a fight, and ultimately allows you to decide who to score rounds to.

The tool is useful for close fights where otherwise you may not be able to separate the two fighters.

The idea is to use the two controls to allocate points to each fighter as the fight progresses. How many points are allocated is entirely up to the judge, and what they are looking for in a fighters performance.

For example, Boxer A may land several ineffectual pitter patter punches for which you may decide to award 2 points. Boxer B may reply with a clean power shot which stops his opponent in his tracks, for which you may decide to award 5 points.

Or you may decide to award points for excellent defensive work or ring control etc

As well as the points allocation controls, there are additional controls for removing points (i.e. correcting those added in error), recording knock downs and recording point deductions.

You can use FightJudgeAssistant to score fights without registering but the scorecards will not be saved. If you register and sign in, you can score and save an unlimited number of fights.