Welcome to eBoxingPromoter²
eBoxingPromoter is a web-based boxing simulation game that allows you to take control as a Promoter in the world of Professional Boxing.

Build up a promotional stable by signing fighters from a fully-simulated amateur scene with tens of thousands of fighters, or pick up seasoned professionals.

Send scouts to see if they can unearth the next superstar from over 80 countries.

Guide your fighters from regional titles to P4P greatness - the eBoxingPromoter world has world titles, interalphabetty titles, continental, national, regional titles and more!

Secure sponsorship and tv deals...get your promotional name out there and gain a reputation. Try to earn big from PPV!

Compete against or collaborate with other players! eBoxingPromoter has an in-game community area, with conversation messaging and a forum.

Play how YOU want to play...put on competitive shows and not be afraid to take a loss, or build up hype-jobs against Latvian journeymen - it's entirely up to you!

Friendly Sites
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Game Information
Game Status: OK
Active Players: 108
Players Online: 3
Pro Fighters: 167392
Am Fighters: 78814
Pro Fights Simulated: 351875
Am Fights Simulated: 1347580

Top 5 Promoters
1Howes Promotions 14439
2Mr. Vicious 11497
3Japanese Boxing 10676
4Triple Jack Promotions 10495
5Rostomian Promotions 10243

Top 5 P4P
RankNameWeight ClassRecord
1Waqas HanifSuper Flyweight 15(6) - 1
2Jaan HendryckxLightweight 12 - 1
3Filip BjorkquistHeavyweight 17(5) - 2(1)
4Rosswald BerryHeavyweight 11 - 2 - 2
5Willifrid PeterlinHeavyweight 13 - 1 - 1